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Glass Club
...what happens in Glass Club
...DOESN’T stay in Glass Club!

Unlike ‘Fight Club’, what happens in glass club DOESN’T stay in glass club! It is to be shared and shown off! The process, the creativity, the fun AND the final product.


For Glass Club, I come to your home for you to host a ‘Glass Club’ event. It could be a ladies night together, a fundraiser, a family event or much more. Each event is tailored to the participants of each Glass Club.


The host(ess) picks out a piece (coasters, mezuzah, sun catcher, tray….) and I arrive with the glass (precut) and supplies to let you and your guest's creative selves go loose and create mini-masterpieces. I will kiln fire each piece and deliver them back to the host(ess) 7-10 days later.


The price is to be determined, and gauged by choice of piece, the glass selection chosen to make it, the amount of each choice. Glass Club can be quite simple to a bit more complicated or open-ended. There will be plenty of glass to choose from, however, the participants, most likely, will not be cutting glass. But participants should have enough choices to let their creative self go. Contact me to discuss what you envision. Details will be discussed after I know better how to proceed.

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