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Not Your Typical Website or Business
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This isn’t your usual shop. 


My site is not a “shop and put in cart and pay” type of business.


You can’t buy directly on my site.


BUT, you CAN:


  1.  Find out where you can find me and my glass. It may be a pop-up, a farmer’s market or a show at a host’s home. There are a variety of ways for you to get my glass.

  2. Peruse the galleries to get ideas or inspiration. See the types of glass works that I make and get a sense of the various styles and designs that are possible.

  3.  Contact me to ask me to make something similar or a variation of something you have seen on my galleries, but in your choice of colors and size. You get to make artistic decisions YOURSELF, thus making it a collaboration. Or I may have something in inventory that I can arrange to show you.

  4. Contact me to offer the option of trading or bartering. Depending on the products or services, I find this can be mutually beneficial.

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