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I'm glad you're here.   

My name is Jami Ober Gan and I was raised in Tucson, Arizona. I attended the University of Arizona, graduating in 1981 with a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education. After teaching and consulting in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tucson for 26 years, I retired and became more involved in community organizations and volunteer opportunities. I love Tucson and enjoy the inspiration and comfort that the southwest desert landscape and Arizona sunsets provide.

After I retired, I enrolled in pottery classes, and after a few years, became interested in working with glass, specifically fusing and slumping. Both of these outlets provided me with opportunities to play creatively. Little did I know that what started as hobbies would become passions that would one day lead to a business endeavor.

While clay and glass are very different mediums and require different creative processes, I find them both to be wonderfully therapeutic, each in its own way.


All of my work ends up in a kiln at least once. This is what 1600° looks like.

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