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To Order
So... You Want My Art. Let's do it.

The galleries should give you a good idea of what types of pieces I make. If you would like to “shop” with me, please check my current events. There may be an arts fair or farmers market that I may be planning to attend.


You can always email me to check if I have the piece or to place a custom order. I can make variations of what you see in the galleries.


Notice, I did not say "copies." You can have a piece made with the glass, textures, and embellishments…you just have to tell me what! 

It’s a collaboration and you get to design your own piece!  



Let’s just pretend that you wanted to order a bowl like one that you saw on my site. When you contact me, you can tell me the name or description from the site, the size and colors that you want, and whether you want it a solid (opaque) piece or see through (transparent) ...or a combo of both.


You can let me know if you want the piece to have texture (contour fuse) and whether you want some embellishments, such as noodles, stringers and more.


After you contact me, I will find you to arrange a video chat or a place to send a video or photos to help make sure you confirm what you have ordered. 


When you order, it will be helpful to use some of my glossary terms - the type of glass, and the type of fuse - so that I can create your vision as closely as possible.


Here, you can see a side-by-side comparison - full fuse and contour fuse with amber transparent glass with ivory and black opaque glass.

See my glossary to learn more glass and clay terms.

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