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Let Me EXPLAIN Why I Don't Include PRICING

From the time I began playing with glass, over a decade ago, until today, the price and availability of glass has changed tremendously and continues to do so.


Because some glass producers and businesses have closed their doors, glass prices have gone up, up and then up some more. Some $7-8 sheets that I began with now cost $13-20.  And fancier glass that once cost $18-25 a sheet now cost $25-48. Because I do not know what the costs will be at the time you place any orders (or shipping), I hesitate to publish any prices.


I would prefer to give you an idea of what you may like to purchase based on the most recent prices of my venders. Please feel free to contact me to ask about pricing. I can give you a much better estimate once I know what it is that you like.


Please know

that I am a fan of trading or bartering.

Please see my GLOSSARY before ordering. This will help you customize your order more specifically, so that you can order what you would like. (And it gives you a little more insight on fusing and slumping glass)

barter:  [verb] to exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.

trade: [verb] to exchange (something) for something else.

I think these practices are very underused and under appreciated.
I prefer to think of it as a collaborative exchange. I may not need HVAC services, but plants, other artwork, a massage...


As my mama taught me, you never know until you ask. 

So, enjoy perusing. Take your time.

I would love to know what you think.


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