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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell on-line from your website?

I am sorry, but I don't have on on-line store. I do, however, do direct sales or commissioned pieces through the contact page. Please feel free to contact me if you see something in the gallery that you would like to purchase. If it is in stock, I can arrange shipping or, if local, arrangements for a delivery time. If it is not in stock, I can make a similar variation (as best as a hand-made piece can be copied) or I may have something similar in other colors or sizes. 

Why do some of the pieces have bubbles, uneven edges or other imperfections?  

The imperfections are what distinguishes my hand-made pieces from manufactured pieces. These imperfections ensure that no two pieces are alike and that they are, indeed, made by hand. 

How often are new pieces added to your on-line gallery?

Some of my pieces are complicated and can take weeks to make and then the firing adds to the time for completion. Other, simpler, pieces can take an hour to make and a day to fire.  A majority are somewhere in the middle. I am committed to updating my gallery every few months. As I add photos of newer pieces, I will also be deleting some photos of older pieces. The gallery serves as a sampling of what you will find at my fair and festival booths, as well as ideas for commissioned pieces or direct sales through the contact page. Please check in regularly to see what is new. I welcome feedback, so please feel free to contact me.   


What do you mean by "scrap glass"?

I often have left over edges, corners, mistakes, centers, etc. after making my cuts in glass. This leaves me with lots of leftovers that are not big enough to make an entire piece or a good portion of one. Because I do not like to waste, I try to use as much of my "leftovers" as possible.  This glass scrap collection includes a variety of types of glass with a range of prices involved. This is why "scrap" glass is not necessarily cheaper.   

Are the functional pieces food safe?

Yes, both the glass and clay pieces are food safe.  


Are the functional pieces dishwasher safe?

I recommend that all pieces be washed by hand. This is as much for the protection against breakage as much as preserving the integrity of the piece.

This also applies for nonfunctional pieces. Many have beads, charms or other embellishments that need to be handled with care.

Are stands included in the price of the piece?

Generally, no. While there may be exceptions for the smaller stands, the bigger, more expensive stands are not included. I can make recommendations on where you can find them.

How is shipping and handling determined?

If you contact me for a direct sale, shipping will be determined by the piece(s) purchased and the delivery destination.  


If I live locally, may I buy direct from you?

Of course. You will save the S & H fees, as well as reducing box and filler use, which is always a good thing. If this is your plan, please contact me through the contact page and we can discuss the details of the purchase and pick-up and/or delivery.  


What is the return policy?

I do not have a return policy. Once bought, it is yours to enjoy, gift or share. Some exceptions are made for shipped pieces.

Are my shipped purchases insured through delivery?

Yes. Your pottery or glasswork is insured for delivery for the value of the purchase. In case your artwork arrives broken, please follow our guide below.

What happens if my purchase arrives damaged?

Please note that I pack all of my shipments to ensure that no damage will occur. To date, I have not had any pieces damaged in transit. If you happen to be the exception, it is very important that you follow the instructions below to ensure that you get credit or a refund. 


  1. Take 1-2 pictures of the damaged piece and send it to me, electronically, to use for processing the insurance claim. Please be careful, as medical claims from broken glass are NOT covered. Send any other pertinent information. 

  2.  I will contact you, soon after your submission, to discuss how you would like to proceed as the claim is being processed.  I will wait for the refund myself, while I process yours separately.

Are the scrolls in the mezuzot kosher?

No. The scrolls used in the mezuzot/mezuzahs are NOT kosher. Please note that some mezuzahs have the scrolls permanently encased and others have the ability for the scrolls to be changed/replaced. If you desire a kosher scroll, please choose a mezuzah that enables you to change the scroll. For questions regarding which ones can have scrolls replaced, please contact me.


How do I affix the mezuzah on the doorpost?

Carefully. Both clay and glass are very breakable. I suggest using small screws vs. nails. Some people prefer adhesive tape.


Can I order custom-made items?

Yes. Simply contact me through my contact page and include your information and I will do my best to reply within 48 hours to discuss what you would like. Custom pieces, traditionally, take longer to get to you, as I need to purchase specific colors or materials that may be required and sometimes this requires ordering them from an online vendor. This can be discussed, in depth, when we speak about what kind of piece you would like.

How long will it take to receive my shipped order?

If your order is in stock, I will send it out for delivery within 2 business days. If you live in the continental United States, your purchase should arrive within 7-10 days after this. If you want to rush the order, this can be arranged. Contact me through the contact page and I will work with you to get you your purchase sooner.


How do you ship?

Depending on the weight, size of box and destination, I use either Flat Rate USPS, FedEx or UPS. The choice of carrier depends on the price, as I would like to minimize any S & H costs for my customers.

Do you do home showings/parties?  Good question.

Yes - we can arrange a glass party to show you and your friends multiple pieces. The host will receive a percentage of sales that can be applied to a purchase. Contact me for details.

Do you have a market or booth that you participate in regularly?

Sorry.  I do not.  But you can always check the FIND ME page to see where I might be around town. I generally like to attend a variety of shows, so I hope to add more markets as the seasons change. Check back now and then and see where I will be. Please.  :) 

If you want to know - ask!
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