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About Me & Clay
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About Me (Artist Statement) - Clay

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My preference is to hand build my clay pieces, rather than using a wheel technique that is often used for making a wide variety of vessels.


I create decorative or functional pieces, using a variety of clays, colored slip and glazes. Some of my pieces are trimmed with charms, beads or other decorative items.


Most often, I work with slabbed clay, adding texture to it, either during or after the clay is rolled out. Other times, I use a variety of tools and molds to build my pieces. I then manipulate the clay as my vision comes to life. I enjoy the way that I can work with the clay to create a variety of textures, shapes and designs.


My pieces are handcrafted and then covered in a plastic wrap to slowly dry. The pieces are then fired for the first time, converting the raw clay into bisque ware. The piece can then be decorated in a glaze, and then fired a second time, bringing the piece to full maturity. Many times, multiple hues of glaze are used or the glaze is manipulated or layered, increasing the visual depth of the piece. I also, at times, combine clay and glass to create the completed piece.

Please note: With hand-made glass and pottery, no two pieces are exactly the same. The slight imperfections and distinct signs of handcrafting contribute to each piece's unique character.

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